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September 28 2014


us apostille| Korea apostille

US apostille|Korea Apostille

US apostille is an authentication service provider that assists US traders to obtain apostille certificates for commercial and legal documents for use in Korea. Korea is a member of the Apostille Convention at the Hague, Netherlands, that abolish the requirements of legalization and shorten the bureaucratic procedures. The US apostille facilitates the process of obtaining an apostille certificate for use in Korea in a timely manner with the minimal fee. You can acquire the apostille certificate for all types of public or federal documents. The Public document is a document that is issued on a state level, including, but not limited to, Power of Attorneys, affidavits, commercial invoices, Certificate of Origin, packing lists, Diploma, transcripts, marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth and death certificates. Additionally, US apostille assists corporations in obtaining apostilles for their federal documents such as Free Sale Certificate, Certificate to Foreign Government, Naturalization certificate, FBI Background Checks, and animal health certificate.

Korea Apostille Authentication Procedures

In order to obtain an apostille certificate that is valid for use in Korea, you have to follow the right procedures.  First, all your documents must be original, no copies and all signatures are authentic. Secondly, the document must be properly notarized by a commissioned notary public or one of his deputies in the state where the document is issued. Finally, the certification of the Secretary of State is required to obtain the apostille certificate. After obtaining the apostille, the document will be valid for use in korea or any other country that is participating in the Hague Convention.

US apostille offers its clients all over the United States the ability to request its authentication services. US apostille offers a competitive price with the minimal turn around time, which is the next business day. For more information, please contact: www.usapostille.com




May 25 2014



ACMA| Cosmetics Traders Services

ACMA won its present status through genuine dedication in assisting the cosmetics manufacturers, distributors, and traders in the United States to export cosmetics, toiletry, and personal care products to the whole world. Export regulations for cosmetics vary due to many factors such as the destination country, and the shipment type. Beside the certifications that ACMA provide to its customers such as a certificate of Free Sale, BSE Certificate, and GMP certificate, it is now offering certifications for commercial invoices, certificate of Sanitation, and certificate of origin, as well.

Sanitary means healthy and as the name suggests, this certificate is a written proof that this product or shipment is healthy. The FDA issues sanitary certificate as an export certificate stating that this product has been manufactured in healthy facilities and accordance to the international standards for manufacturing facilities. The customs of the imported countries require the sanitary certification in order to permit the shipment to enter the country.

Commercial invoices

Commercial invoices are a declaration of the export process that must include the involved parties in the transaction, the product type, the price, the height and exact weight beside the harmonized system codes. Commercial invoices must be signed by the relevant body of the export company and from the local Chamber of Commerce.

Certificate of Origin

It is a certification states the manufacturing country of the product being shipped. Sometimes the product is manufactured in one country and exported from another country. This certificate is to prove which country has manufactured this product.

ACMA provides American traders with all the services they might need to complete the export process for their cosmetics products, please visit www.acma.us for more and complete information.


Face book :  https://www.facebook.com/acma.us

YouTube:   https://www.youtube.com/acmaus1

source:  http://acma.pen.io

May 13 2014


ISO legalization | ISO Certificate services

ISO is an independent organization, and it does not follow any governmental body. It consists of delegates from 162 countries, and its Central Secretariat is located in Geneva, Switzerland. ISO sets the International Standards for industrialization and publishes it. It has issued about 19.000 Standards that cover almost all aspects of manufacturing, production, and business.

ISO Certificate

ISO does not issue the conformity assessment certificates; it only develops the standards and publishes it. ISO Registered Certification Bodies take the responsibility to audit the services or products to ensure its conformity with the standards. If the services or the products being audited are conformed to ISO Standards, the officer of the certified body will issue a certificate that states that these service or products are manufactured in accordance to the international standards of ISO.

Apostille ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate is an important attestation for Companies and might be an essential requirement such as a contractual agreement. When you need to obtain the required authentications for ISO certificate in order to use it in one of The Hague Convention Participating countries, an apostille must be attached to the certificate. ISO Legalization is an accreditation agency that provides apostille services for all version of ISO Certificates.

How to obtain an apostille for ISO Certificate?

ISO Legalization assists corporations in the United States to acquire the right authentication to apostille ISO Certificate. It requires different procedures from apostilling any other kind of commercial documents such as:

Firstly, ISO Certificate is too expensive, it is very difficult to issue, and companies cannot risk losing it by its rotation in the Governmental Departments. ISO Legalization advices its clients to send copies of ISO Certificate and keep the original in a safe place.

ISO Legalization will notarize the copy of ISO Certificate and stamp it by a notary public to affirm that it is a true certified copy.

ISO Legalization keeps a record of certified bodies’ signatures to verify the authenticity of ISO Certificates.

Finally, ISO Legalization will attach apostille for ISO Certificate from the US Department of State in Washington DC.

ISO Legalization offers Apostille services for ISO Certificates; turnaround time is only three business days. For any further information about ISO Certificate or obtaining authentication for a specific country, please refer back to www.isolegalization.com

source :  http://sett.com/isolegalization


March 10 2014


FDA Notarization for CFG

The FDA notarization for Certificate to Foreign Government “CFG” has recently become a requirement in order to license the export documents. US Apostille is now offering the Federal notary of the FDA for all kinds of” CFG”.

Certificate to Foreign Government “CFG”

An export Certification for the exportation of drugs and medical devices legally distributed and marketed in the United States. “CFG” must be notarized by a Federal Notary from the FDA solely for purposes of exportation and must not be used for any advertising in the United States. 

 The requirements to certify CFG

The Certificate to Foreign Government “CFG” must indicate the type of the product being exported whether it is:

“CFG” for CDRH – Center for Devices and Radiological Health.
“CFG” for HCT/P –Human cellular and Tissue-based Products
“CFG” for CVM- Center for Veterinary Medicine.
US Apostille/ CFG authentication service

US Apostille will assist you obtain all the required authentications for CFG which are:

Federal notary by the FDA.

Apostille from the US Department of State in Washington DC.

Embassy legalization- if the product is exported to a non-Hague country.

The US Arab Chamber of Commerce seal

US Apostille will help its client to determine what authentications are required for their export documents.

For more details, please visit www.usapostille.com/us



March 02 2014


US Arab Chamber of Commerce

The US Arab Chamber of Commerce is a professional services company located in the heart of Washington, United States. The Chamber offers an authentic document's stamp for governmental and customs use. Most countries in the Middle East require the stamp of the local chamber of commerce on all commercial documents in order to acknowledge its authenticity.USACC helps American traders from the coast to coast to get valid commercial documents certifications in a timely- manner. The chamber offers its customers a wide range of services which is necessary for trade transactions such as:


USACC is authorized by US Department of State as an issuing body for chamber of commerce’s stamp.


USACC assists corporations all over the United States obtaining certifications for their commercial documents. Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoices, and Packing list… etc. are common types of commercial documents that are extremely important to complete any export or import shipment. The American Chamber stamps the commercial documents in order to be valid for use in the customs of the Arab world.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·    Legal documents:

The Chamber also offers the legalization of legal documents such as affidavits, Power of Attorney, court document, federal documents, and vital records….etc. Iit authenticates documents from the Secretary of State in which state the document was issued.  After that, USACC certifies the documents from US Department of States in Washington DC.


Some Embassies in the Middle East require translated document, a service that USACC offers to its clients. We present our customers a professional document translation service. USACC does not charge any fees to authenticate the translated documents and deal with the translated document and the original as one copy.

To request USACC services, please contact us at:





google plus:https://plus.google.com/110893005182707195709



February 19 2013


Grand Pyramids Hotel

Grand Pyramids Hotel is considered one of the most beautiful hotel in Egypt, because of  its wonderful landscaped gardens  and exotic gardens with an unparalleled and traditional place, just ten minutes arriving at the hogback of imaginative Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza, considered one of the seven ancient wonders of the World and it is far away 30 mins from the city center of Cairo town.
Grand Pyramids Hotel, bandstand for a relaxing, individualized and warm welcome sense, the place where all of the visitors feel being at home in a few seconds while having fun with their best existence, purely very few moves from the incredible pyramids place and also some distance from town center and the center of Cairo. 
This Hotel is considered of one of the best Hotels in Cairo.
Grand Pyramids Hotel has created extraordinary relationships to supply visitors with a way in modern cultural that located around all over the world.
This hotel had been created in the market in advance of 2006, notwithstanding by all of proud that Grand Pyramids Hotel is considered  to be the leading preference for many types of tourists, There are 239 luxury rooms and suites are exclusively structured whether or not they are couples, husbands and wives or even looking for an advanced meeting provider.

 Grand Pyramids Hotel  contains luxury restaurants (Restaurant à la carte & Restaurant buffet), Non-smoking rooms, safety deposit box, shops in Hotel, sun terrace, heating, express check-in/cheack-out, luggage storage .
source: http://www.grandpyramidshotel.com

February 16 2013


Tanzania Adventure Tour

Looking for a wonderful, boost it by a million and you can expect to come solely slightly similar to how amazing Tanzania is. The amount of holidays have you been on when you have handled to scale one among the most unique hills in this world, had 100s of experiences with African wildlife.
Tanzania is a definitively wonderful destination with its tremendous majestic Kilimanjaro Mountain, Game Parks and Zanzibar Island being the focal point on each tourist's tour to  East African tour. Tanzania is extremely rich in purely natural wealth making it a worthwhile must-see African destination to go to.

In cases when Inside the  you trips to Tanzania, the best possible areas to go to and enjoy a hot trip consist of Katavi, Selous, Ruaha, Tarangire and Ngorongoro.  Naturally, you can expect to also find the Serengeti wherein you could watch the great annual migration of countless of wildebeest. Some of the best possible beaches on earth can be seen along at the Zanzibar archipelago, and Mafia Island is similarly idyllic. For more action, you can raise Africa's tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Various other incredible mountains include Mahale, in which you are able to visit the still left culture of chimpanzees in the wild.
if u want a hot deal in tanzania, just visit Right-Travel.com and enjoy your Tanzania Tour
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